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Unwind in a thunderstorm

Thunderspace utilizes stereoscopic 3D audio &
realistic lightning flashes to create a thunderstorm around you.

From the creator of Windy, Sunny & Away

Featuring recordings from
Emmy-award winning nature sound recordist, Gordon Hempton

Demo: The power of
stereoscopic 3D audio


Please use headphones!


Beautifully crafted audiovisual experience.
Designed & developed by Taptanium.

Beautiful audiovisual experience.
Designed & developed by Taptanium.


Stereoscopic 3D audio. Optimized for Apple EarPods & headphones.


Realistic lightning flashes.
Perfectly in sync with the 3D audio.


2 thunderstorms included:
• Roof Garden, recorded by Franz.
• Waterscape, recorded by Gordon.


Additional thunderstorms available as in-app purchases. Previews included. Bundle available.


Seamlessly looped, long recordings.


All of my senses indicated that the faux storm was in fact genuine.

— Jesse Virgil, AppStorm


It really is impressive.

— Dave Caolo, TUAW


It is absolutely like having your own personal slice of heaven.

— Christine Chan, AppAdvice


If you want to throw off the days stress and relax, Thunderspace is for you.

— Keith Teare, Co-Founder of TechCrunch

We recorded audio the way you hear

In stereoscopic 3D for headphones

You have two ears for the same reason that you have two eyes. So you can see and hear in 3D.

How it works: When you hear a bird in a tree, the sound reaches one ear faster than the other depending on the horizontal direction, while the shape of your ears colorize the frequencies of the sound depending on the vertical direction. Your brain then decodes these cues to give you a direction of the sound in 3D space.

The trick: We used special stereo microphones with ears to record the sound the way humans hear: With interaural time and level differences. With headphones on, the sound recorded by the left microphone enters your left ear, and the sound recorded by the right microphone enters your right ear. Your brain decodes the stereoscopic 3D audio cues as if you were there when the recording took place.

Together with realistic lightning flashes, Thunderspace creates the illusion of a virtual thunderstorm around you.

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★ Thunderspace ~ Behind the Scenes ★

❤ Film Credits ❤

Director: Ross Ching
Producer: Don Le
1st Assistant Director: Dennis Zerker Chang
Actress: Geovanna Antoinette
Sound Recordist: Gordon Hempton
Executive Producer, Foley & Soundtrack: Franz Bruckhoff, Taptanium

Location: Fat Eye Studios, Los Angeles

Still Photographer: Melly Lee
Key PA: Sam Puefua
Director Photography: Nate Fu
1st Assistant Camera: Sherrie Li
Camera Operator: Martin Gradek
Key Grip: Rowan Byers
Grip / Swing: David Ton
Grip: Miao Chen
2nd AC: Nadia Taka
Production Designer: Brian Formo
Set Dresser: Greg Vargo
Makeup/Hair: Amy Cooper
Wardrobe Stylist: Roxy Flores
SFX Supervisor: David Nicholson
Sound Recordist (on set): Nicholas Little
BTS Video: Mark Shepherd

❤ Website Credits ❤

Concept & Design: Kristin Reichwald, Gannon Burgett, Franz Bruckhoff
Photography: Gannon Burgett
Development: Franz Bruckhoff
Frameworks: Skeleton, jQuery

❤ App Credits ❤

Concept, Design & Development: Franz Bruckhoff, Taptanium
Thunderstorm Recordings: Gordon Hempton, Quiet Planet
Franz Bruckhoff

Also thanks to...
Kristin Reichwald, Dennis Nissen, Lua Lisa Bruckhoff, Eammon Cody, Sascha Rahlff, Mathew Bell, Jesse Virgil, Gannon Burgett, Willi Wu, Michael Flarup, Kristian Andersen, Ulrik Flænø Damm, Hosam Hassan, Sebastian Rehnby, Eli Schiff, Whitaker Trebella, Stephen Ballot, Phill Ryu, Jonathan Kieffer, Michael Kieffer, David Kieffer, Daniele Nicolucci, Emil Sheth, and everyone else who helped beta-test Thunderspace.